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Count To 60 seconds And Grow Man Grow!

The title sounds crazy doesn't it? Let me guarantee you this, its no where near as crazy as the gains you will receive by implementing the following workout principle!!! I will break down in the paragraphs to come, the very core of mass building! Its raw essence, if you will.

Barn Door Back Massacre

Barn Door Back Massacre!

The Following 6 routines will be divided into lower back workouts and back thickness/back width workouts. You are to complete all six routines, one after the other as illustrated...

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The Ten Commandments of Body Building

The anaerobic energy pathways govern in large part the capacity for peak performance during supramaximal exercise. Within this framework, capacity, power, and the time continuum will be discussed....

Work Harder

Ways to Stay Motivated in Competition Training

As the upcoming season approaches, I’m starting to think in ‘competitors-mode’ again. Suddenly the local paper and its plethora of grocery store flyers are that much more exciting....


Tailor Your Program by Body Type

Achieving competition results is not an easy task: balance must be achieved between overall symmetry, muscular definition and stage presence to name a few. Unfortunately, there isn’t one set formula....

Chest Pains

Pain and Tension: Two Keys to Muscle Growth

If its pain you seek, then you have come to the right place. Human beings contain billions of neurons, each with a specific job....

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Beware! Overdoing it.

There seems to be two more obvious reasons why physique competitors don't achieve as much definition as they hope to for a show; not applying enough effort, and applying too much of it....